10 Simple Golf Swing Tips To Lengthen Your Drive

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Need simple golf swing tips to improve your distance, and overall game?

Here are 10 simple golf swing tips to lengthen your drive-

1) Visit the gym to improve your strength and stamina.

Consult with a personal trainer to tailor a program that mixes both cardio and weights

that are specific to golf. Look at strengthening the core rotational body

muscles and flexibility.

With improved strength, not only will your driving distance increase, your level of endurance

over 18 holes of golf will improve, which will result in consistency.

2) Warm up before the first tee.

Every athlete performs exercises to stretch and warm up their muscles, and so should you.

Not only will it prevent injuries, but more importantly it relaxes the body and prepares it

for optimal performance.

Perform warm up exercises such as squats, arm circles, lunges, twists for maximum effect.

3) Perform stretches on the course

Stretches will keep your body relaxed.

It encourages muscle flexibility and helps increase swing motion for that long drive.

Stretches such as pulling and extending your two arms behind your back and hold for 15 seconds

or practice your back swing and holding it for 15 seconds.

Perform stretches on every hole to keep the body warm and flexible.

A simple golf swing tip such as this can add yards to your game!

4) Keep the target side knee going out toward the target on the backswing.

5) Rock solid knee

It is important to maintain the weight on inside of the non-target side knee at the back swing and with a

slight bend.

6) When the club is at waist height, ensure your right thumb is pointing to the sky. This ensures

a simple golf swing.

7) Rhythm is the key to a powerful swing. With a smooth swing tempo and balance you will have power and

acceleration for a simple golf swing.

To accomplish this, at the top of the backswing, pause very slightly before the down swing.

8) Use the club loft for a simple golf swing

Every golfer does not want to hit the ball along the ground. Therefore, use the club loft to hit down on the

ball and follow through with the swing.

9) Use the big muscles of your whole body, that is, your legs and trunk of the body to drive the ball.

Employing only your arms and wrist will not be a simple golf swing.

10) Swing through the ball.

At post impact, swing through the ball (and not at it). Swinging through the ball will give a complete

simple golf swing.

With these easy tips, start practising for a simple golf swing.

A simple golf swing keeps golf easy, less complicated and fun. Once, you have mastered it, your simple

golf swing will add power and consistency that every weekend golfer dreams of!

Source by Jason Oh