Best Golf Swing For You – Knowing Your Limitations

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There are two basic ways you can achieve greater distance off the tee and achieving your best golf swing:

1. You could go to the gym and get even stronger, or

2. the more sensible way, would be to improve your swing.

This golf article features tips on how to get greater distance on your drives and a more penetrating ball flight.

The most important thing to remember in order to achieve your best golf swing, and in turn, hit longer drives is to keep the club low on the takeaway and up through the shot. At the top of your swing, you want to feel like your grip is as far away from you head as you can possibly be without messing up your spine angle. Your golf swing will not be effective if you do not get the proper golf posture in your set up at address.

In order to have power in your swing, you must understand where the power comes from in your swing. Much of the mechanics of a good golf swing are for channeling power efficiently, not actually producing it. In particular, if you can use your back as an axis, then you will be well on your way to putting the power of your hip and shoulder muscles into each swing.

All else being equal, a player that is constantly hitting wedges and short irons into greens is going to have an easier time playing the course than a shorter hitter. One more swing thought that has worked well for me is “the tail doesn’t wag the dog”. I learned that from Jim McLean. If you think about it, it really makes sense and really applies to the golf swing.

Source by D. Webb