Chip Shot Tips

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A strong short game is necessary to have success in golf. Having a solid chip shot in your arsenal will dramatically improve your short game. With a solid chip you can hole out or at least leave yourself with a tap in putt. The chip shot is low running shot that is used within five yards of the green. Use the chip shot when you are too far away to putt but a pitch shot is not a good option.

Club selection is varied; golfers have been known to use anything from a sand wedge to a four iron. Try different clubs when you practice chips to see what works for you. Every situation is different be sure to pick the right club, don’t use the same club every time you chip. It all depends how long you want the ball to remain in the air. Use a more lofted club for shorter chip shots. A less lofted club can be used for longer distances.

A chip shot is essentially a putt with a lofted club. Visualize the shot before you take it. Chip shots should be planned as if they were putts. Pick a place on the green that you want your ball to land adjusting for the slope and break of the green. Don’t hit chips any higher off the ground than you have to. If the ball flies too high it will be more unpredictable when it lands.

Don’t position the ball any further forward than the middle of the stance. Stand about six inches from the ball. Grip the club the same way as you would for a putt. When setting up make sure you equally distribute your weight. Stand with your shoulders level and make sure your head is facing straight down. Keep your arms extended at address.

The backswing should all be in your shoulders and arms. Let your hands lead the club head through impact. Hit the ball with a slightly descending swing. Keep your head still until after impact. Maintain consistent grip pressure and keep the wrists firm throughout the swing.

Practice chipping every opportunity you get. Before your round take a couple chips at the practice green to get the feel for your shot. Once you have mastered the chip shot you will have more options around the green. Follow these chip shot tips and you will be on way to lower scores.

Source by Michael Zavor