Do You Really Stink at Golf? I Promise You Can Improve Fast With These 3 Tips!

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Listen if you really stink at golf I just want to let you know that I have been there. I started taking golf seriously as a teenager, and I worked really hard and now I shoot par or better quite often. However, you do not have to practice as much as I did, just follow these 3 tips to success!

1. The first thing that you have to do is truly believe that you can get better. If you do not have belief in yourself then you might as well give it up. That being said, if you genuinely believe that you can get better, then I promise you that you can. Golf is not as complicated as many golfers and golf instructors make it out to be. All you have to do is find a simple system that works!

2. After you have the right mindset, it is time to improve your swing. The first thing that you need to do is perfect the setup position, because it can make or break your swing. The keys are to make sure that you have a light grip pressure, good posture, and proper alignment. Master these three things, and you cannot go wrong.

3. Finally, tempo is vastly important in the golf swing. Most golfers ignore tempo, yet if I am taking time to write about it don’t you think it is important? If I thought it was a waste of time, I would not discuss it. The easiest way to groove a consistently smooth swing is to practice hitting balls at half speed. Once you have mastered a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing, then you will start playing much better golf.

Remember the key to golf is finding out your golf swing flaws, and learning how to fix them!

Source by Matthew Lord