Effective Golf Iron Tips

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The problem is, if you don’t learn how to properly use them and practice with them, you will not only create bad habits, you will never reach your full golfing potential. Unless you can drive the ball to the green every time, you will need to learn how to use your irons or your score will continue to suffer.

Before You Swing

Before you think about swinging one of those irons, you need to evaluate every aspect of your setup. Are you bending from your hips and do you have proper posture? What does your grip look like? A majority of golfers put a lot of time and planning into their other shots but when they pick up an iron, it seems as though they just want to hurry up, hit the ball and get it done with. If you take the time to learn how to use your irons, you may find that you actually like them!

After you pick apart your stance and make sure that it is right, you need to look at your alignment. Also, if you find during practice that your club becomes parallel before your wrists fall in line with your hips, you are breaking your wrists far too early. This will cause your takeaway to be really steep which you don’t need unless you are in the rough.

The Swing

The distance that your ball travels is always going to be determined by the height of your backswing and nothing else. When using your irons, your takeaway is the most important part of your swing. Your club should begin be traveling straight back. Once it gets to around the eight inch mark, it should be on an upward journey. Now, sometime in the next four inches, you want your club and the ground to become parallel.

When you get to the top of your backswing, aim to have your left arm, almost or completely straight. Another important thing to remember during your swing with your irons is to shift your weight. This is not a slide! The shifting is a turning action and it is an important element to your swing.

Now, when you make impact with your iron, the leg and arm in front should be stacked over your ball and you hips will be open. Do not slow down on your downswing. Make impact and follow right on through with the same force that you came down with.

Stuck in the Rough?

When you get stuck in the rough, you need a steeper takeaway. One of the most helpful golf iron tips to remember is to hinge your wrists back immediately when you start your takeaway. This will allow your wrists to cock completely which will result in a steeper swing to get you out of that tall grass that you are stuck in!

Source by Tod Woodward