Ernie Els Golf Swing – 3 Ways on How to Copy the Big Hitting, Low Scoring Ernie Els

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The Ernie Els golf swing is a very natural and free flowing swing that manages to generate a great deal of power and accuracy on a consistent basis ensuring that he is always near the top of the leader board and we will look at how best to copy his style for yourself.

The first thing to ensure is a the smooth take away after addressing the ball be it on the tee or on the fairway playing towards the green. Keeping the left arm straight and a still head will make sure that balance is kept and the take away motion steady.

Secondly, make sure that you get a good shoulder turn by the top of the back swing so that an optimum position is reached before the quicker decent of the down swing.

When you watch Ernie Els’s golf swing you will see that a full swing is always taken so that maximum power can be generated. Every professional golfer will tell you that another important element of the swing is tempo and rhythm. Ernie Els’s golf swing is no different and he manages to, on every swing, have a smooth and even tempo.

Too many amateur golfers try and swing as hard as they can thinking that this is the way that power is generated, but on doing so lose the ideal shape of the swing and therefore distance too.

So to attempt to copy Ernie Els’s golf swing think, smooth take away, good shoulder turn and an even tempo throughout the swing.

You can learn more about his swing at the link below too so feel free to check out the free videos on the website which includes more in depth analysis. This is another great way tool in learning how to obtain an Ernie Els golf swing.

Source by Tony McEwan