Fix a Slice With the Biomechanics of Golf

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Fix a Slice

For most golfers like you and me, it is a blessing if anyone can fix a slice. Good thing there are some really good golf swing lessons that will help us get as close to a natural golf swing as possible. When you start to grasp how a golf swing feels you will start shooting like a pro. The better golf swing you have the more greens you will hit and the more birdies you will make. How does that sound to you?

If you want to learn how to fix a slice you need to the biomechanics of golf. Do you know what is keeping you from learning a natural golf swing? If you notice that you are having a bad day on the course, check to see if your mindset is right, you might need to have more patients.

Then again if that isn’t it then I bet all you need to do is practice a little more. Sometimes it is better to practice than play a round of golf. Practicing will not only help your golf game but it will give your body a natural groove, and a natural groove results in a natural golf swing. A lot of time your golf swing will be off because of all the things running through your head. The last thing you need is a lot of thought racing through your mind.

Another possibility is that you’re not in shape. A lot of golfers that need to fix a slice have a bad shoulder turn and many times this is because you are not physically fit. Of course, there are a lot of overweight golfers but how many of them have really good shoulder turn, not many. How many times do you get up to the ball and forget to rotate your shoulder on your backswing. The more fit you are the better your backswing and downswing will be.

A good rotation on your backswing will place your hips and arms in the right position, so when you start your downswing your arm will guide your body to the ball and stead of hooking it or slicing it on someone else’s fairway.

Good technique is one of the most important things in golf without a good technique you will never get that natural golf swing that you want. There are only a few ways to help fix a slice and that is a really good golf swing lesson or for you to practice. I’m not saying that you have to run and find a really good golf pro there are plenty of good lessons that you can buy online. Getting personal lessons is really expensive, for the price of one lesson you could buy a whole course online. That is where I learned how to play golf, so I would defiantly find a lesson online to fix a slice.

Source by Tobin Craig