Golf Swing Book Review: How to Break 80

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Weekend golfers know that it is difficult to break 80. And now there is a book that claims to be able to teach average golfers how to break 80—repeatedly. So what do we make of it?

‘How to Break 80’ is written for people who enjoy golf as a hobby and can only practice a few minutes each week to significantly improve their game. It’s written by Jack Moorehouse, who claims to have learned the important skill that his other non-professional golf playing peers wants to know, and that’s ‘How to Break 80’.

So what can you expect to find in this book?

Fundamental Golf Lessons. It contains instructions and pictures teaching you the fundamentals of golf such as having the proper posture, grip, golf swing, follow-through and much more essential information on improving your golf game. Most importantly, included in these lessons are Moorehouse’s tweaks and golf drills that will help increase the effectiveness of each position and movement to help you break 80.

Short Game Golf Tips. And since a big part of lowering your goal score is having a great short game, the first section of the book discusses how players can improve their short game. There is also a section of instructions and golf drills on how to correctly read the greens, set up the shot, and putt more accurately. Moorehouse also discusses effective tactics on making a successful bunker shot during sand play to further help reduce your golf score.

Mental Game Golf Tips. A chapter on the mental game of golf is also included. Lessons are provided on how to prepare for the game mentally and how to effectively handle negative emotions during the game, such as those defeatist emotions that swell up inside of you after making a bad shot, or after making a poor judgment call.

Quick Golf Review Guide. Another helpful section in the book is the summary list of key golf lessons on how to break 80 at the end of the book.

So by reading this book, many golf hobbyists can reduce their golf lessons and skip the large amount of time needed to learn how to break 80 by trial and error.

Breaking 80 is a wonderful experience that every golfer should enjoy. So if you need more easy-to-follow golf lessons on how to improve your golf score, Jack Moorehouse’s book on “How to Break 80” will get you there.

Source by Ron Reich