Golf Swing Mechanics – Get A Grip And Lower Your Score

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There are several things you must learn when it comes to lowering your golf score. One of these is how you hold the club. The grip is a fundamental part of proper golf swing mechanics. There a number ways you can hold the club. Three of the most popular are the overlapping grip (Vardon Grip), interlocking grip and baseball grip.

The overlapping grip is the most popular among great golfers. This grip is the one usually taught by golf instructors. With this type of grip you place the right little finger on the fore finger or around the knuckle of that finger.

The interlocking grip is the next most popular way to hold the club. This grip locks the hands together, because the little finger on the trailing hand is intertwined with the index finger of the lead hand. This grip is popular with people who have small hands or weak forearms. Probably the two greatest golfers of all time use this grip, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. It is also very popular with members of the LPGA Tour.

The baseball grip or ten finger grip, doesn’t involve any overlapping of the hands. With this grip you simply place the little finger of the trailing hand against the index finger of the lead hand. This grip is the least likely to be taught by a golf instructor. However it is sometimes taught to beginners, as it simplifies the instruction process. Some golf greats used this grip, such as Masters Champion Art Wall Jr.

What ever golf grip you choose, you must use it correctly. A good golf instructor will help you achieve this. Using a quality golf swing instruction book, can also be of use. Learning proper golf swing mechanics, such as the grip, will help lower your score.

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Source by Paul Luciw