Golf Swing Tip For Getting Maximum Distance With Your Driver

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If you are driving the golf ball poorly, and by that I mean without much distance or consistency, let me give you these two golf swing tips that go hand in hand. These two swing tips will help you understand where the problem is in your golf swing.

For you to become a really good driver of the golf ball, your shoulders need to turn, and they need to turn on a fairly level plane.

The only way they can turn in the backswing, is if you have your head and chin up, and not down or tucked to your chest.

Many amateur golfers have trouble with this. It most likely comes from concentrating and focusing really hard on the golf ball (which is a problem in itself, and I will write another golf lesson on that shortly). But getting back to your chin and shoulder turn.

If you have poor posture at address, and by that I mean rounded shoulders, and your chin tucked down towards your chest, your shoulders cannot turn or move backwards in the backswing.

Heres why this is BAD for your golf swing.

Focus on your right shoulder for a minute. In the of the backswing, your right shoulder must move or rotate backwards. If your chin gets in the way of your shoulder turn, you will naturally DIP your left shoulder (so it can rotate underneath your chin). This makes your right shoulder to move back and UP.

This is Not Good when you are swinging your Driver.

When your right shoulder moves UP, your swing plane becomes more vertical, and you’ll often tilt your spin to the left. If you do this, you’ll hit the ground, and end up hitting a lot of shots off to the right. Bottom line is you’ll have an inconsistent swing, getting no where near the distance you want off the tee.

So remember, if you tend to hit the too often (called hitting fat) or tend to hit your longer golf clubs out to the right. Try this little golf tip next time before you swing.

  1. Address the ball, and before you start your backswing, just relax your neck and lift your chin up and away from your chest.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of room between your chin and chest to rotate your shoulders.
  3. And finally, possibly most importantly, make sure you start the backswing motion with moving your RIGHT shoulder back. Try not to focus on the left shoulder at all.

Try this tip next time you’re out on the range, and I hope it helps you out.

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Source by Jeff Richards