Golf Swing Tip: One Piece Takeaway

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In order to execute a proper backswing it’s imperative that all of the movable parts of the golfer’s upper body (the hands,arms and shoulders) are in sync with one another, followed closely by the turning of the hips.

This is often referred to as the “One Piece Takeaway”.

But most amateur golfers begin their backswing out of sync, in a “following the leader” sort of sequence.

Many start their takeaway by immediately yanking the golf club back with their hands only, then the rest of the upper body lags behind, usually resulting in a poor shoulder turn and a lack of power being stored up in their golf swing. The hands and arms get way off of the desired swing plane and so far behind their bodies, waiting for the shoulders and hips to catch up, that all kinds of poor results follow. The most common of which is that the body seems to collapse a bit, (knees buckling, head moving), having been pulled laterally away from the golf ball.There is little hope of returning the club head square to the golf ball on the downswing, as the club head has to take a circuitous route, casting out and away from the body.

Here is good tip and drill to practice that can give you the “feel” for starting the backswing in a “One Piece” takeaway: (Note: this is for the first 18 inches or so, before the wrists begin to uncock.) With a mid iron, take your normal stance and place both hands on the club in a shortened, “choked down” position, about half way down the shaft. Put the butt end of the club firmly against your chest’s sternum, the toe of club head pointing to the sky, and directly in front of you.Now keep the butt end of the club against your chest and concentrate on turning back with your chest, hands and shoulders in unison. It’s a locked in feeling that you will experience if done correctly. The hands, arms and shoulders forming a triangle that you’ll simple want to maintain to during the first part of your backswing.

If the hands try to take over too soon the butt of the club will move considerably off of the sternum.

Once you are confident that you have ingrained this “One Piece” feeling, take your usual grip on the club, and lower the golf club to the normal address position. The butt of the club will now be facing your belt buckle area. Practice the start of your backswing by concentrating on keeping the butt end of the golf club pointing to your belt buckle for the first 18 inches or so of the takeaway. Any hand manipulation will be immediately noticeable, as the butt end will move noticeably to your left, (for the right hander). The more you practice this important drill the more natural it will become,and the more beneficial it will be in helping your ball striking.

Source by Jack McDermott