Golf Swing Tips – Fundamentals Of The Single Plane Swing

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The Single Plane Swing is a simple way to hit a ball to your target and increase your enjoyment while playing golf. Years of instructional experience have shown me easier ways to communicate this simple swing method, a swing method brilliantly proven by Moe Norman, a Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member, regularly called the World’s Greatest Ballstriker (by Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, and other greats of the game).

For consistent ball striking you have to control three things:

    1. Clubface aim at impact
    2. Clubhead path through impact
    3. Power production without disturbing numbers 1 or 2

Natural Golf gives you a simple way to control all three.

Fundamental #1 – The Natural Hold

To control where the clubface is aimed at impact, we hold the club in a way that aligns the forearms with the clubshaft.

This alignment emulates the dynamic alignment during impact, meaning the clubface will more consistently square to the direction you swing. This way you will have just one thing to focus your attention on when playing golf and that is the clubhead path through impact.

Fundamental #2 – The Single Plane Setup

To control the direction the clubhead is swinging (path), we setup to the ball with our forearms aligned on plane with the clubshaft and upper arms above (on top of) the chest. This way your arms are free to control clubhead direction and torso rotation is minimized, allowing you to swing back and forward on virtually the same path or on a Single Plane.

From here you simply aim and drive the ball to your target!

Fundamental #3 – Drive the Ball to Your Target

We drive the ball with a club the same way we drive a nail with a hammer, using leverage as a power source. Leverage is gained by allowing the wrists to work as a hinge so we can release the weight of the clubhead in the direction we want to drive the ball – primarily powered by a simple independent arm action.

The advantage to the Natural Golf Single Plane Swing is that you can fully release the force of the clubhead past your body (as seen in these pictures of Moe Norman) without the need for turning or twisting. That is because our setup positions you at address where you will most naturally return during the swing through impact, with your arms aligned on plane with the clubshaft. Your body stabilizes as you unleash the power of leverage to the clubhead through impact. Then you simply follow clubhead momentum, turning to a stress free and balanced finish.

So there you have it – With Natural Golf you can…

    o Control where the clubface is aiming at impact by using the Natural Hold
    o Control the clubhead path using the Single Plane Setup
    o Control clubhead speed using the stress free power source of leverage to Drive the Ball to Your Target!

If you haven’t already, give it a try!

Source by Ken C Martin