Grooved Golf Swing Series: Miscellaneous Putting Tips

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When you are assessing the contours of the green between your ball

and the hole, you can stand, squat, or lie on our belly.

Ok, lying on your belly is not an option, but I include this to

make a point.

Standing and looking at the green sloping to one side or the other

along the path of your put will not show properly the different


Standing seems to flatten out the look of the green.

Lying on your belly will show you the immediate contours but will

not show you enough distance.

It will be too local.

Squatting is the best method to see the lie of the land.

You will be able to see each and every little slope to the right or left

along the line to the hole.

If you are in doubt even after this,

have a look at the lie of the land around the green.

Does it slope in a particular way?

From the front of the green to the back or

from back to front?

Does it slope from the sides? If it does, it will be a good bet

that the ball will break this way.

The next point I want to make is about long and middle distance


Which is more important, direction and line or distance?

You say “Both”.

I totally agree.

However, after you have worked out the line using the points

mentioned above, you will place your putter head accordingly on

your chosen line.

Once your putter is in place the direction is

taken care of. It is no longer an issue.

This means your total thoughts are now on distance.

You should know how far to take your putter head back to achieve a

certain distance.

Have a couple of practice puts to work out how

far back to take your putter, and do this while looking at the


It is a good idea to take your putter back very slowly and even

stop very briefly to make sure it is back far enough. Then you make

a purposeful stroke to get the ball up to the hole.

Do not try to sink this put, but think only of getting the ball

close to the hole to make sure you are down in two puts.

For the middle distance puts, do the same.

If you try to sink these puts, you will probably be too aggressive

and go too far past the hole if you miss.

This could well mean a three put green. A wasted


I won a championship once by concentrating on two putting every


To my surprise, I had several one puts.

I was not trying to sink the put, just get it close.

I remember being so surprised when

the ball fell into the hole with my first put.

It was the furthest thing from my mind.

A lovely surprise though. Hereby could hang a


Source by Bill Maitland