Having Proper Balance in Your Golf Swing

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How many times have you hit a great shot only to see the ball fly off in one direction or the other? Now, think about how you ended that shot. Were you centered and balance or were you falling off to one side of the other? Chances are if your ball flew off in one direction or the other, your balance wasn’t correct.

Proper balance in golf is one of the biggest fixes you can make to your golf game. Is it going to make you hit the ball farther? No, but it will save you strokes by not having you constantly hit out of trouble on your second and third shots.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “if I could just keep it in the fairway, I could shoot a lot lower”? Lots of time right? Well, proper and consistent balance will help make that a reality in your game.

But what is the proper balance in golf? If you’ve ever played other sports or watched closely as others have, you can use what you know to apply to balance in golf. For instance, think about defending another player in basketball or readying yourself in the game of volleyball. You don’t know where that player or the ball is going so you need to be prepared for any outcome.

That is the same in golf. You want to be centered over your feet from left to right but also from front to back. You can also see this in tennis as you are preparing for a serve. You don’t know which way the ball is going to go but you need to be able to react no matter which way it goes.

The first step in making sure you have correct and proper balance is looking at your posture as you address the ball. Are you leaning over the ball too much? Are you leaning back to much? A good rule of thumb is you always want to keep your back as straight as possible whenever striking the ball.

Keeping your back straight will help you to not lean too far forward or too far back as you prepare to hit the ball. Also when you keep your back straight will it will help to maintain consistent weight distribution from your left foot to your right foot as well as from front to back. Maintaining proper and consistent weight distribution from left to right and back to front will also help you as you turn and pivot your shoulders and hips through your shot. You will feel your balance center shift from center to back as you start your backswing.

You will then feel your balance center move from your back foot to your front foot as your swing through the hitting zone and complete your follow through. However, you want to practice making this shift of your weight as smooth as possible to avoid falling off to one side or the other. The next time you are out on the course, try these suggestions and see how much your game improves.

Source by Lisa Refider