How to Fix Your Golf Swing – Tips to Help You Straighten Out Your Drives and Mid Range Shots

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Learn how to fix your golf swing by using and applying the following swing tips. Now keep in mind that these tips will not cure your swing issues overnight. These tips are designed to be used in conjunction with a training aid. It is very easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest thing to fix this or that. Well I am here to tell you to develop some goals and a plan and stick to it through thick and thin.

It took me about six months to fix my swing, The results speak for themselves. 30 yards more on my drives and 12 strokes off my game. It took work,time and patience, make no mistake about it. I searched for tips and tried them, I also used a training aid that helped speed the re-learning process up.

Here are some tips that you can try the next time you hit the range.

1. Swing easy when you first start out. The natural tendency for almost every golfer I know is to try and swing out your you know what and crush the ball. Guess what the results will show. When you are trying to re-work your swing. Focus on solid contact by swinging at 75 or 80%.

2. One of biggest mistakes I see for those golfers who slice the ball is to compensate for it by turning left or turn right for lefties. The tip here is to understand why you slice and take corrective measures to fix the slice instead of trying to compensate for it.

3. Most swing issues people have is a derivative of improper arm mechanics. Keep it simple guys and gals. On the back swing keep the wrists from breaking at any time. Keep the lead elbow straight and the trailing elbow tucked into the side.

4. Weight transfer is also very important to consistent play. On the back swing your weight should be evenly distributed between the lead and trailing foot. On the down swing the weight should transfer onto the front foot. Weight transfer is the key to power in the golf swing.

Keep it simple in your training for the best results. Furthermore, develop a game plan and schedule and then stick to it until you get the desired results. Lastly, have fun and always remember this is just a game.

Source by William Temple