How to Play Golf Better by Simplifying

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Not all golf techniques are difficult. There are a few strokes you can use that will ensure an accurate hit each time that requires less energy. The natural golf swing is one of them. This feel just as it says, natural, making it an easier grip and swing to learn.

To begin, this system requires a natural golf swing grip-or a natural hold. This is an easy grip that is mostly held within your palms and allows a more direct swing.

While angling your club is included in part of your gripping technique, it also stands to mention that angling it correctly will allow for a better, more powerful drive and more leverage in your swing. If you align your club with your main driving arm, you create one long straight that will allow for an easier swing and follow-through.

Before taking a swing at the tee you want to make sure that you have a wide stance. This lessens the rotation of your body and allows your arms to swing harder, creating a more powerful drive. Another benefit of a wide stance is it decreases movement of your back, leading to a decrease in injuries.

Now that you’ve completed the rest of these steps, the swing should be easy. Minimal movement with your body, a harder arm swing, and a straight plane with your arm and club will make this swing a sure hit. After initial contact, your body will be facing the ball-or where it used to be-and you’ve learned the natural golf swing system.

Source by William A Mitchell