How to Use A Free Golf Swing Video To Improve Your Game

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It seems that we always talk about how there is “no such thing as a free lunch”. The fact is that when it comes to golf instruction, this could not be further from the true. Nothing will be able to help you as much as your instructor and your lessons, but there is a lot of free information online that can help you help yourself.

There are many websites, mostly those from the major world golf organizations, which offer free golf swing videos of the pros and instructors right on their site. By using this free resource, you can even perform your own sing analysis. Sound complicated? Just be creative.

Watch Video Relating to Your Instructions

After a golf lesson, go to one of the golf websites and find a free golf swing video that highlights something you learned or discussed at your lesson. Watch the video and learn what it looks like when done correctly. That way, you know how it should feel from your lesson and how it should look from the video.

See Your Own Swing

Next, either video tape your swing, or in the absence of video capabilities, watch yourself take a few swings in a mirror. Compare what you are doing to the video to do your own little amateur swing analysis. Then, next lesson you have, you can talk to your instructor about your swing and what you saw on the free golf swing video you took from the internet.

Using Other Video Resources

The free golf swing videos are not the only clips that are valuable online. You will also find that you can get a visual on what a particular drill should look like, what the roll of a proper putt looks like, and even what the best equipment is. The internet is a great resource for your game; don’t be afraid to use it.

The only problem with free online videos is that they are often large so take forever to download. Also some sites offer golf video clips that are either of poor visual quality or poor technical quality.

Always review a site to find out if their video tips are performed by professionals or just weekend warriors, the last thing you want is to spend ages downloading a 5 minute video only to find it was made on a handy cam by some guys who have only been playing golf for a couple of weeks.

Source by Dean R. Iggo