Improve Your Golf Swing – How to Get Your Swing Into a Power Position

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So you want to learn how to improve your golf swing. If you score is a little higher than you like it and it feels as though you have been working and working on your swing, you may need to switch your body into a power position. Typically this is the position that will optimize the power that your body can exert.

A bad golf swing or a bad habit in a decent golf swing can really send your score soaring. To get your score down you need to focus on eliminating bad habits and developing good habits.

Something that is helpful when practicing your swing, is to get use a camcorder to record your swing as you make them. After fifteen or twenty swings, review the video on your TV. After three or four swings you should start picking up where you are going wrong.

For comparison review a few major golfers on the PGA or the LPGA tour. Upon viewing the professionals you should be able to see what they how their swing compares to your own.

Once you see where you are going wrong, you need to take the time to practice getting it right. Tiger Woods does not just happen to show up at an Open swinging like that, he spends hours a week just hitting balls.

If you feel that your golf score is suffering from bad habits then you need to figure out how to get your swing into a power position so that you are utilizing all your power and you swing is fluid.

Source by Paul Benjamin