Natural Golf Swing, Three Mental Strategies to Improve Your Golf Swing

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If you want to improve your golf swing there are many resources available to you. You can have a better golf swing in no time if you have the proper training. Here are three mental strategies that will improve your golf swing dramatically.

1. Visualization: take ten minutes a day to mentally practice your golf swing. Vividly imagine yourself swinging with the perfect form. Repeat it over and over again, It is important that you are completely associated into the image of you practicing. You must literally feel the club in your hand and the movement of your body. By doing this each day you will improve because your reinforcing the neurological connection between your mind and body. The mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is not. To your mind you have just finished a full training session.

2. Use emotion packed affirmations. you must believe that you can and will improve. Affirmations have a way of penetrating to your subconscious mind. The trick to making them work is to charge them emotionally. Here are some examples of some affirmations…

Every day my swing is improving more and more.
The more I train the better I get.
I have all the resources I need to have a grate swing….

The list goes on and on. Use any affirmation you think will inspire you, but make sure that when you use it put all your heart into it, because its emotion that makes it work.

3. Mimic a pro: the fastest way to learn something new is to mimic someone that is already doing what it is you want to do. Find a pro or someone you know has a good golf swing and literally mimic their every move. Find out what their “golf swing ritual” is. Look at their body how is it positioned. Watch the way there breathing and practice using the same ritual breathing. Stand in exactly the same way they do. Remember that the reason they are swinging so well is because they are doing things differently than other people that do not swing as good are. You may want to sing up for some outside training to help you improve your game.

Source by Raffy Delgado