Power Golf Swing Requires More Accuracy Than A Weak One

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Many golfers come to me to increase the power of their golf swings since that is what I do. They are usually surprised to find that i begin their training with the fundamentals by starting with the short game shots and using the sand wedge.

To have an extremely powerful golf swing it is imperative to have a swing that is fundamentally sound. All of the levers of the body that control the face of the club and the direction of the club heads travel must be trained to control the club at a slow speed. This is so that when we are swinging very hard the controlling factors have all been programmed into our swing and practiced to perfection.

Since the release actions I teach are generally counter to the release most players have learned, I find that learning to use the component parts as we practice the short game shots creates total control as we make the fuller and harder swings. it is also much easier to learn these actions when they are done slowly and with great precision.

To better understand this think of how one would learn a complex piano piece, the pattern would first be learned and later as the pattern was completely installed in the memory bank and as easy to do as signing your name would you be able to do it at top speed.

Study my ezine article for the down under and up release to better understand why this must be programmed into your swing and your old habits programmed out.

Source by Dan Shauger