The Secret of the Golf Swing

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The Secret to the Golf Swing is the ability to take the energy from the brain, where it is in an electrical form, and use this energy to stimulate the muscles in a precise manner to control the movements of the skeleton as a lever assembly. This lever assembly then rotates a triangle, with collapsible sides, formed by the arms and shoulders in a perfectly controlled orbit. The elbows allow one side of this triangle then the other to collapse and thus shorten as the opposite side remains straight, thus maintaining the size and integrity of the triangle.

Attached to the triangle at its point (the hands gripping the club) is a free swinging, yet perfectly controlled pendulum (the golf club). The triangle is rotated around a point perfectly fixed in space. By controlling the location of this point, called “The Swing Circle Center”, the player creates an arc that consistently returns to the ball with great accuracy.

The rotational force to the triangle is transmitted from the ground up to the triangle center through the spine which moves laterally at the lower end as it rotates. This lateral movement of the lower end of the spine is necessary to maintain the fixed swing circle center position, for an accurately delivered strike.

This lateral movement of the lower end of the spine also create a powerful reversal to the triangles rotation where it is needed most. Correctly done the movement also directs the rotation of the point of the triangle (the hands) down to the ball on the proper path greatly simplifying the control of the path of the club head.

The spinal movement is a product of the movement of the feet, knees and hips as the legs support the body and allow the hips to turn on a tilt. Since the hips turn on a tilt the chest turns and tilts in concert with them. The triangle is thus perfectly controlled by the feet, knees and hips as to direction of the return orbit and with maximum power.

The arms can be felt to set and control the club as the body does the back swing. Returning to the ball the arms must feel as if they do virtually nothing since they take on the speed of the rotating body and are controlled in their motions by the feet, knees and hips. To the observer the arms appear to be extremely active, yet to the player they feel as if they are a couple of ropes. If the grip is on the club correctly and the hands are holding the club lightly the club head will attain immense speed assuming the pivot is done correctly.

There you have the secret. Learn the perfect pivot and how to set the levers of the arms properly in the back swing. Once there relax the arms totally and make the correct down swing pivot while allowing the club to swing freely from the wrists and voila there goes the perfect shot. assuming that is that you have learned and practiced the Down, Under and Up release.

Source by Dan Shauger