Things to Know About Water Hazards When Playing Golf

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This includes the greens, the equipment, the holes and the hazards or traps that you may encounter at some point of the game.

Golf books and lessons will be able to give you insightful golf tips that you can use to understand how these traps or hazards work. You will be able to find these on golfing DVDs as well. A water hazard for example is duly marked on the golf course. It is marked by a yellow flag that will inform golfers, caddies and any other individual in the vicinity that a water hazard is present in that area. The sizes of these hazards vary depending on the course you are playing on. Some of these are bigger than others are and would require you to use a specific technique to enable you to steer clear from the potential trap. Should you make a mistake of landing your ball in the water, you will gain one point and would need to re-take the shot – also known as a penalty shot. However, if this happens, you should be aware that one point can make a big difference in your score especially if the hole only has very few pars.

Knowing how to avoid and what you need to do in the presence of a water hazard is considered to be part of the most essential golf tips that you could get. This will be able to educate you on the different forms of these water traps. Some of these are referred to as regular hazards while another is called as a lateral water hazard. Each one of these has its own set of rules to follow in terms of the penalty shot and the line on which to take it.

Source by Tony Mc Cann