Top Golf Driving Tips

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When I first started golfing I automatically assumed if you wanted the ball to go farther and lower your score in the game you needed to work out and build more muscle. This is a common thought because if a person is stronger and can hit the ball harder, the ball will go farther and leave you closer to the pin, resulting in less strokes right?


If anything I have found that strength doesn’t mean anything in golf! That’s some skinny little guy like me that’s all skin and bones can learn how to hit a golf ball as far if not farther than the beefed up body builder he is playing with!

Back to the good stuff!

Like I said above, my thought process started out on the wrong foot, and it cost me a ton of wasted time, effort, and stress that could have all been prevented if I would have just took some advice from some experts beforehand. I became extremely frustrated, annoyed, confused, and on the verge of giving up.

But I didn’t give up…thankfully, I began to realize that gaining distance doesn’t mean you simply hit the ball farther. Instead you must learn to hit the ball smarter, and learn what you need to do with your swing to critique a couple things. This alone can almost instantly change both your distance and how straight and accurate your swing is. The main and most important thing is to stay relaxed. When you start to tense up and your hands aren’t relaxed, your golf swing is totally thrown off as well and you will not hit to the best of your ability.

Source by Brent M. Hagy