Virtual Golf Can Make You A Better Player

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If you are like a lot of die-hard golfers, during the freezing winter months you lay in bed dreaming about next golf season. Hitting the perfect drive, sticking a wedge to 5 feet, making that clutch putt on the 18th to beat your buddies. If summer could come just a little faster, wouldn’t that be nice?

But frankly, what are you doing to develop your golf game in the winter? Every spring you attempt to groove your swing again, trying to remember all the little things that helped your technique the previous season. Seems crazy to have to basically start over every year and go back to the proverbial drawing board. You go through the same ineffective routine; warming up the swing, enduring embarrassing slices and sore muscles; screaming out profanities on the green and just about yanking out your hair.

However, there is a better way. During the cold season you can keep your golf game hot by playing virtual golf. With a simulator you will stay in your prime and even notice dramatic improvement by the time the frost just starts to melt from the tee boxes.

Stay Physically Fresh With Virtual Golf

So perhaps you own a gut, but that doesn’t imply you can’t stay in “golf shape.” The key to staying in “golf shape” is by practicing muscle memory.

Each and every winter season, when you tuck your golf clubs in for a very long winter’s nap, your golfing performance also goes into hibernation too. Then, when your muscles are rudely awakened by your first swing of the brand new golf season, their memory often suffers from amnesia.

Now, you’re left questioning where your game went. In scientific circles, that’s known as atrophy – any time muscles decrease or degenerate, from lack of use. In layman’s terms, atrophy means you really should to use it, or lose it. To stop your golf game from slipping, keep your golf muscles busy. One approach to this is by constantly playing as if you were on a real course.

Obviously, golf courses aren’t the most ideal places to be when it’s freezing out. Fortunately, technically knowledgeable golfers have found that playing on a golf simulator can help them get their golf fix. Plus, they can keep their game sharp while staying warm and cozy inside.

Virtual Golf Keeps You Mentally Ready

A great golfer named Bobby Jones one time explained that golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears. Playing on a golf simulator can keep this five-inch course ready.

New and unfamiliar scenarios can build tension and this can have a harmful effect on your golf game. One way to better deal with high-pressure situations is to become more familiar with them. Playing virtual golf you may find yourself in tough situations such as having to carry 180 yards of water, hitting a tight fairway or landing your shot on an island green. Having confronted these mental tests virtually, you will be far better ready throughout the summer time to tackle similar challenges. You will be able to stay loose and confident in any situation.

Stay Technically Sound With the Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf simulators often come equipped with a swing analyzer that can help you make significant improvements in your game. Taking golf swings regularly may keep you in “golf shape,” and digging yourself out of challenging situations may help you stay mentally prepared. But, you still may be looking for that technical edge to help your ball striking.

Without correct coaching, players can find themselves hitting an invisible wall with their game. The main difference between an average Joe and a pro is what happens at the bottom of the golf swing during impact.

A golf swing analyzer can show you what the naked eye can’t see, and give you insight into that magical (or not so magical) moment when the club face meets the ball. Most analyzers provide data on the club face angle, swing path, spin, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, and direction of your shot. Seems almost overwhelming, but this data will allow you to identify what is actually going on so that you can make necessary adjustments to strike the ball like a pro.